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1947 Suzuki Factory was established by Seitaro Suzuki
Initiated production of Optical units.

The factory was established as subconstract factory for optical equipment manufacturer.
1950 Initiated the production and sales of SEIWA branded product.
1951 Concentrated on school- related sales
1955 Changed the company name to SEIWA OPTICAL.
Initiated the sales of a stereo microscope unit.
1960 Initiated the export of products
Concurrently advanced overseas as gCORRECTh, the brand name of our products
1964 SEIWA OPTICAL Co., Ltd was established with the initial 2 million yen in capital
Appointed Seitaro Suzuki as the Representative Director
Awarded Export Support Industry Certification in June
1965 Established "SEIWA OPTICAL TRADING COMPANY" as Osaka Office.
1966 Increased its capital to 5 million yen
1972 Increased its capital to 7 million yen
1978 Awarded Labor Standard Supervision Certification
1979 Announced the development of zoom lens, Concurrently initiated Opto-Electronics by integrating Electric devices
1981 Awarded Good Product Certificate by Tokyo Metropolitan government
Appointed Haruo Okazaki as the Representative Director
1985 Initiated the unit sales and standard line-up sales of a monitor scope with the openings of Image-Processing era
1986 Initiated the development and manufacturing of Laser products
1987 Increased to 10million yen in capital
1988 Completed the construction of gSEIWA OPTICAL new headquarter buildingh,,
1989 Announced gAP-400h Large-size Automatic Inspection System.
Enhanced technology for LED industry.

Started to release gApochromat Objective Lensh which have world longest Working distance.
1990 Created Correct show room
Increased its capital to 20 million yen
1994 Established Technology Center (Nakano-city Tokyo)
Improved equipments for Flat Panel Display
1995 Increased its capital to 40 million yen
Established its branch office in Kansai(Kadoma-city Osaka)
IParticipated in next generation inspection equipment for semiconductor
Improved Exposure Equipment Business
1996 Established Uenohara factory for industrial equipment business and electronic device manufacturing(Yamanashi Uenohara-shi)
Established SEIWA AMERICA in New Jersey of The U.S.A.
1997 Started the preparation for ISO-9000S
Increased its capital to 50 million yen

Called gThe First year of digitalization of microscopesh,and announced gDigital Microscopeh
2000 ISAO IWASAKI took up a post as an Executive director.
SEIWA OPTICAL Co., Ltd acquired International Organization for Standard ,gISO-9001h

Established SEIWA OPTICAL AMERICA, INC in Silicon Valley in California.
Increased its capital to 99 million yen
2001 Established Kansai Office / Hirakata factory (in Osaka prefecture)
Made an extension to Uenohara factory (2nd-phase construction started)
2002 Developed Inspection Equipment for LCD 5G,6G line, and delivered)
2003 Established SEIWA OPTICAL KOREA,INC in Cheon-an in Korea
(Concurrently opened SEOUL office)
Established SUNMAX OPTOELECTRONICS CORP as Joint Company at Shanghai in China
2004 Established SEIWA OPTICAL TAIWAN, INC at Hsinchu in Taiwan
Developed and delivered the World Largest 100inch level PDP Exposure system
Acquired ISO-9001 2000 edition
Established Tokyo Factory 2 gFAB2h next to Tokyo head quarter building.
Shipped the 7th generation LCD inspection system for the first time
2005 Developed and delivered the worldfs fastest 42inch x8panels PDP Exposure System
Established Hirakata Development center (in Osaka prefecture)
Moved Kansai Office@
Was acknowledged as a Pioneering industrial company (in IT related field) by Osaka Metropolitan Government
2006 Developed and started selling LCD 8th generation Inspection System.
2007 Established Nagano Office
2008 Moved SEIWA OPTICAL KOREA INC , to Seoul
2009 Aquired International Organization for Standard "ISO 14001-2004"
2010 Established Fukuoka Office

2011 Established SEIWA OPTICAL (Shanghai) CO.,LTD.
Established SEIWA OPTICAL EUROPE in Germany.

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