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  Telecentric Lens for Line Sensor Camera SVL series (for device size 64mm)
(Object side Telecentric)
Model SVL-050X-TCD64 SVL-100X-TCD64 SVL-200X-TCD64
Magnification 0.5X 1X 2X
WD 160mm 135mm 110mm
N.A. 0.045 0.087 0.12
F number 5.51 5.66 7.95
Image side Resolving Power 5μm 5μm 5μm
Camera Mount M72mm P=0.75 M72mm P=0.75 M72mm P=0.75
Distortion 0.012 0.06 0.016
*The above-mentioned data is the one simulated with changeable Apature opened.

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