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  High Resolution Telecentric Lens for Megapixel Camera FXL series
(Object side Telecentric)
Model FXL-0.19X-120D-C FXL-1X-120D-C FXL-2X-100D-C
Magnification 0.19X±3% 1X±3% 2X±3%
WD 120mm±3mm 120mm±1mm 100mm±1mm
Image Direction Inverted Erect Inverted Erect Inverted Erect
Object side N.A. 0.017 0.072 0.13
F number 6 7 8
F number (Smallest Apature) - 125 178
Object side Resolving Power 21μm 5.2μm 2.9μm
Image side Resolving Power 4.0μm 5.2μm 5.7μm
Min Camera Pixel Size 3.45μm 3.45μm 3.45μm
Image Circle size φ11mm φ11mm φ11mm
Camera Mount C-mount C-mount C-mount
Wave Length 486-656nm 486-656nm 486-656nm
Distortion Max 0.02% or less Max 0.05% or less Max 0.05% or less
*The above-mentioned data is the one simulated with changeable Apature opened.
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  2007.09 シリコンウェハー結晶欠陥検査装置 《OSF検査装置》
  2007.01 Long Life High Accuracy 5 holes Motorized Turret
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  2006.09 Laser Processing NUV Objective Lens 20X、50X
  NUV Plan APO Objective
   Hight N.A. and Long working Distance objective Lens for NUV
Model UV Plan APO 20X UV Plan APO 50X
Glass Correction 0 1.0mm 0 1.0mm
N.A. 0.50 0.52
WD 12.0 10.0
Wave Length 345nm−1,064nm
Transmission 355nm 55%< 355nm 50%<
540nm 60%< 540nm 70%<

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